Welcome to Alpha Farm Community

Alpha Farm is an intentional community of people who have chosen to live and work together to share a more harmonious way of living. At our home in rural western Oregon, we live the largely self-reliant style of a close-knit expanded family; we average 5 to 20 people, including singles, couples and families, and have ranged in age from infants to elderly.

August 2018: The community is currently seeking visitors who are interested in pursuing Residency on the farm. Given the current financial and organizational state of the farm we are looking for people experienced in and willing to do work in taxes, financing, physical farm labor, accounting, extensive gardening, bookkeeping, landscaping, business start-ups, non-profit/ 501(d) organization, consensus, communal living, mechanic work and homesteading, and anything else to strengthen the community. We are trying to form a core group of knowledgeable, experienced, driven, community-focused individuals to get the community back on it’s feet. There are currently three Residents and we are looking to increase this number in order to accomplish our future goals.

Alpha Farm is located about 25 miles from the Pacific Ocean and about 55 miles by road northwest of Eugene, the nearest city. Dense, predominantly conifer forests cover these steep hills of the Coast Range of Oregon, fed by abundant rainfall in the winter and dry, moderate summers. The 280-acre farm is nestled in a green finger valley among these hills. Our living spaces include a large old farmhouse, the five-bedroom “new house” built in 1980, and an assortment of cabins, cottages, yurts and trailers. Dining and general living space has been tight for this large family, but it has always been the community guideline that each individual have a private room.

At Alpha, the value of commitment runs deep. A good number of the people who have lived as “residents” for a year-long introductory period have stayed to become members. Our bylaws define the membership commitment as “for the foreseeable future” and for the average member, this has been five to ten years or more. Many people, too, have come for shorter periods, staying for a summer or perhaps a year, a welcome addition to the diversity of the whole.

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